Friday, August 13, 2010

Mr. Right

Have you ever met someone who can make you melt like chocolate at one time and can drive you crazy mad the next? I have.

Meet my husband:
At first glimpse, he may seem like a quiet, boy-next-door, "pacute" guy whose typical perfect time would consist of barhopping with his friends, meeting new girls here and there.

That was my first impression of him.

But as time goes by, I have gotten to know the real him. He turned out to be a cool, sweet and smart guy. Smarter than anyone I've ever met. Someone I enjoy talking to. Someone I enjoy laughing with. He can turn a boring situation into a hilarious one. I have never met someone who knows (and can sing) the Star-Spangled Banner by heart and listens to Christmas tunes as early as July. Hardworking, focused, funny, family-oriented, super understanding, caring, and patient are just some of his great qualities. He's my soulmate. My best friend. And my worst enemy.

Who would have thought that the equation smart + funny + quirky + weird + serious turned out to be my Mr. Right?

I am the luckiest person on earth because I'm being loved by him. :)

(Belated) Happy birthday! I love you so much!!! :)


  1. Lucky Gus being loved by my cousin Aga who is a super dooper wife to him and mom to Bianca and pretty cousin to us her gorgeous cousins. what can I say we are members of MAS (mutual admiration society). Come and join us Gus :) Again all the best to you and your family dear cousin and join us in Canada.

  2. Blushing through the snow
    On a one-horse open sleigh,
    Over the fields we go,
    Laughing all the way; hahahahahaha