Monday, August 23, 2010

A No-Bake Goodie

Just recently, I have been tasked (okay, so I volunteered) to come up with a creative gift for a baby shower. This should be fun--let some creative juice flow and be like Martha for a day. So I volunteered to make a diaper cake over the weekend. What a brave move, considering this would be my first time making one.

A diaper cake is a collection of rolled diapers (disposable, cloth, or a combination of both) bunched up and stacked together to resemble a traditional tiered cake. The layers or "tiers" of the diaper cake can also be decorated with more baby items such as toys, pacifiers, bottles and more.

So I trooped to the mall last Friday to purchase "ingredients" for my cake. For this diaper cake, I bought disposable diapers, baby wipes, a set of rattles, bib, blanket, ribbons, and a teddy bear as cake-topper. Thanks to SM for having adorable yet inexpensive baby stuffs.

I spent my Saturday morning working on the cake, and boy, was it fun! :)

Bunched up diapers started like this:

With just the help of a few yards of ribbons and cute baby toys, the diaper cake turned out to be soooo adorable! :)

This will be given to our friend this week. I hope she likes it! :)

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  1. i do not just like it I LOOOOVE your creation! Thank you so much Aga! You are truly gifted! Keep it up!! much love! - Louise