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The Story of Creation: An Angel's Point of View

Here's sharing with you a twist on the Story of Creation. I wrote this for my English Lit class almost a decade ago (geez, that long already!). Enjoy reading! :)

The Story of Creation: An Angel's Point of View
by Agatha Natividad

LIFE. I never imagined this word ever existed. Well, not until God made this very huge place called the Universe.

You see, our surroundings have been in total darkness for as long as I can remember. Not a trace of light could be seen. Not even a glimpse of my fellow-angels...

That was before God made a very brilliant plan!

The First Day
One time, God woke up with a very deep thought. I asked Him what he's thinking about, and that's when he told me this: "I've decided to make use of my powers to create a place that would be filled with wonders we haven't seen or felt before. Great wonderful things would soon fill this place. A place I want to call the Universe."

God's a real wonder. I never thought it was possible for Him to do what He wants to be done. After a while of deep thinking and careful planning, it was time to put the plan to action.

The first wonder God made, I thought I'd be blind forever! Darkness swept away, and there appeared great brightness everywhere. God explained that the great brightness is called Light. It was magic for me. With just one command from God, pop! there appeared thousands of sparkling tiny circles of light. Suddenly, the tiny circles of light got bigger and bigger until they seem to come together to form one very bright light.

With this thing he named Light, I finally got to see what we actually look like. We looked so lovely in our white flowing dresses. I did not get to see what God looks like. It felt so weird. He talks to us as if he's right beside each one of us. When I asked him why we couldn't see him, he said he decided not to reveal his image to us.

After forming a very huge light, God separated light from darkness, and called light "day" and darkness "night."

Evening passed and morning came. That was what God called the first day.

The Second Day
I decide to wake up early this morning. I wouldn't want to miss what God would create next. As I opened my eyes, I was surprised with what I saw. I definitely wasn't the same scene I saw before I went to sleep last night!

God must have built a dome that divided the water in two separate places. He separated the water beneath it and the water above it. He named the dome Sky.

We took our rest so early today. Too bad, I didn't get to play with my friends today.

The Third Day
God continued his work today. He separated water from land, and named the land "earth" and water "sea."

He also made the earth produce all kinds of wonderful and healthy plants, colorful and sweet-smelling flowers, and fruits of different shapes, sizes and color that we could actually eat!

We spent the rest of the day strolling and admiring God's creation. We played in the bed of flowers and tried eating the fruits, which we find very good and delicious.

The Fourth Day
I woke up late today. I got a little disappointed because God didn't wake me up, since he usually does. As I got outside, I saw my fellow angels with their faces in awe watching God's hands at work.

God has made two great lights this day. God asked me to name the first and hottest one. I decided to call it Sun. The second and coolets one, God named it Moon. He explained to us that the sun would guard over the day while the moon would guard the night.

He also made twinkling and sparkling light called the stars. These stars would work together with the moon.

God also tasked us to name the days, months, seasons and years. Some of the names we've made were: Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, Saturday and Sunday.

Oh, how time quickly flies. God would have to continue his work tomorrow.

The Fifth Day
God made this day an interesting one for us. He filled the water with various creatures that swim! Sea creatures of different shapes, sizes and colors!

We spent the day naming each one of them. The small ones we call fish, while the bigger one we named sharks, dolphins and whales. There were even sea creatures we named frogs, turtles, seahorse and octopus.

But these weren't the only ones God made this day!

He also made winged creatures he called birds. These birds could actually fly like us!

Like the sea creatures, these birds also vary in shapes and colors.

Ah, the meaning of life is getting clearer by the moment.

The Sixth Day
Today, God made the most amazing and brilliant of all his creations. God filled the land with living creatures he called animals. These friendly and fierce animals have such colorful and interesting appearance. They live on land but can't fly nor swim.

We got so absorbed watching the animals that we hadn't notice the almost deafening silence. Suddenly, God's powerful voice took us by surprise: "Let us make man in our image and likeness. They would rule over the creatures and plants I've created." So, God made man and woman, and gave them full responsibility over the land and water, then bleass them.

The day went by so fast, 'twas then again time for rest.

The Seventh Day
Today, we celebrated God's creation, with His company, in the place he created.

The past few days have been very memorable for all of us. God said that this was only the beginning. There are so much more in store for all of us.

God tasked us to watch over his creation. We are not only called angels now, but also as guardian angels of life.

I've finally realized the true meaning of Life. Life is a wonderful gift from God. It started even before the creation of sun, moon, stars, animals, man and light. It began even before the period of darkness and chaos. Life will produce and multiply, and will go on and on.. forever... because of God's everlasting and unending love for all of us.

--- the end ---

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