Saturday, February 19, 2011

Party Planning in 21 Days

Planning for a first birthday party can be stressful but a lot of fun at the same time. Especially when you're pressed for time and with little help spared.

This is what happened last month when we were in the process of preparing for Bianca's first birthday party. Indeed it was a party to remember. :)

Brainstorming for this party was mentally draining. We got so overwhelmed with so many ideas that bloomed to more great ideas!

What I really had in mind was a Rocker Diva Party, but I heard a lot have been using this party theme. We also wanted to steer away from the typical character-themed party--too common, too commercialized...and the characters may also take the spotlight from the main star of the party.

During a recent vacation, one of our dear aunts suggested for a Hawaiian luau-themed party. Why not? It's something unique, and something really fun.

So, a Hawaiian Luau-themed birhthday party it is! :)

Where, oh Where?

Two of our major considerations for the venue were convenience and accessibility of the guests. We didn't want them to have a hard time traveling to the event place, looking for directions, etc.

The top three choices for the party venue were: Shakey's Restuarant, The Old Spaghetti House, or rent a party venue.

Dining at any Shakey's Restaurant has always been a nice experience. Good food, good service, lovin' their pizza, pasta and chicken! They have kiddie party packages for reasonable prices. However, the only available branch has limited space to accommodate our guests.

I have never tried The Old Spaghetti House until just recently. I'm not sure if the food was as great as the TOSH in Hong Kong. We saw their branch in Salcedo Village, and immediately fell in love with the place. The place was warm and beautiful, just the right ambience. Sadly, it can only accommodate a handful of guests, and they are not usually open on Sundays.

We decided to just use the vacant lot beside our house, and turn it into a party place. A lot of work had to be done, and we weren't losing hope. I'm not a Martha-wannabe for nothing! :)

Teeny-weeny Details (a.k.a. Thinking Out of the Box while channeling my inner Martha)

Though pressed for time, and with only a few weekends and weeknights to spare, we were able to personally craft our invites, party decors, loot bags, leis/garlands in lieu of party hats, and even make cupcakes as party favors!
Homemade Leis/Garlands instead of party hats
Personalized party invitations with pop-up hibiscus flowers
What would a Hawaiian luau be with pineapples, torch lights and lots of tropical flowers? So we added tropical touches on our design to set the luau mood:

Sweets for my sweet... and all our guests!

With less than a week to spare, there was a last minute suggestion for party favors. We thought loot bags were enough, but what about the adults who will attend the party?

So, what could be simpler and more personalized than cupcakes? And who doesn't love cupcakes?

Dark chocolate cupcakes with marshmallow frosting was what I had in mind. But the process of making the frosting was so tedious and time-consuming. Instead, I decided to make banana cupcakes with lemon and vanilla buttercream frosting. Thanks to Ate Dada (who, with the help of equally talented Ms. Quelly, made our lovely wedding cake) for the frosting recipe. :)

Now, who would have thought that this once vacant lot:
...could be transformed to a luau party place! Voila!

For most people, party planning may be so stressful. But for me, it is my way of expressing my creativity.

Can't wait for the next party planning! :)

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