Saturday, September 4, 2010

Rashes and Refusal

Just trying out composing a post using my Nokia phone (it actually works!), while taking advantage of Smart's TGIFreeday.

So here I am, watching some TV shows, trying to end the day on a good note. The little princess' rashes are still visible. The doctor said it would clear up in a few days, and has prescribed Zyrtec drops for the itch.

As for the client who refuses to pay for my design services, she kept ignoring my calls and messages. But I choose to be professional about it. I have already sent her a request for payment. (Keeping my fingers crossed, even if it's really pointless to hope).

When people decide to seek help from a doctor (a professional), they do not question the fee, no matter how expensive it may be. Some are even willing to borrow money to pay the doctor's fee. But when someone seeks help from a designer (a professional as well), why are some people unwilling to pay? Is that the price of being on creative/design field? If hiring an interior designer to glam up your space considered a luxury much more than need, why do some clients (who boast of their wealth) refuse to pay?

Those are just some of the random thoughts running in my mind right now.

But I won't let one incident ruin my weekend.

Have a pleasant weekend ahead! :)

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