Saturday, September 11, 2010

My Driving Plan

Driving was never a part of my daily routine. I haven't even gotten the chance to get a driver's license, or learn how to practice driving for that matter. I learned how to drive a few years back, then almost hit a motorcycle in one of the villages nearby. I also got into trouble once when I forgot to check engine light which cost my dad a few thousand bucks and a trip to the car mechanic. After several car blunders, I no longer attempted to drive again. You see, I grew up in a family of boys. Whenever I want to go somewhere, I would just ask one of my brothers to drive for me. Now that I am married and a new mom as well, I think it's high-time that I put some thought into driving.

I plan on getting into driving school next month (Note: plan = should not fail). I had a few driving schools in mind, but decided on signing up in a branch somewhere near Ayala Center in Makati, where the location is more convenient. One driving school has a wide selection of cars to choose from, but will opt to use their Toyota Camry for driving practice. You can also select how many hours of driving you'd like. I have not reviewed the whole curriculum, but I do hope the driving school would also teach me how to detect (and fix!) any car problem. And throw in some car terms along the way. So the next time my husband would talk about driving and cars and explain to me how auto repair and maintenance are just like giving your car a much needed pampering, I would completely understand what he's talking about.

The long weekend's almost over. One more day and it's back to work. Enjoy the rest of the long weekend! :)

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