Thursday, September 9, 2010

In Doing Good

I would just like to share with you something I have read:
"Every time that you have an opportunity, do good. Don't let it pass. Because time will never let you pass that way again. You can do good tomorrow, but if you miss doing good yesterday, you miss it forever... Do good and enjoy life. And let time make everything beautiful."
Facepainting kids at Christmas Outreach


  1. I really like this post. It reminds me of a poem I once heard.

    Supposing today were your last day on earth,
    The last mile of the journey you’ve trod;
    After all of your struggles,
    how much are you worth,
    How much can you take home to God?
    Don’t count as possessions
    your silver and gold,
    Tomorrow you leave these behind,
    And all that is yours to have and to hold
    Is the service you’ve given mankind.

    ~ Anonymous

  2. That's a nice one too. Glad you like my post :)