Friday, March 18, 2011

Emmy's Jejemonish Surprise

Meet Emmy:
She's one of my nicest friends at work. A hopeless romantic. A dreamer like me. Someone who gets kilig (thrilled) at almost anything.

Her birthday was a few days after Valentines day. So what could be a more fitting present for her? A birthday surprise on the day of hearts! We wanted something unique and funny. A scheme she would never, in a million years, guess who it was from! So we planned a Jejemon themed surprise.

Jejemon is a street lingo coined by spelling words in a different and weird kind of way. Emmy has a strong feeling against the jejemon lingo.

Emmy's Secret Admirers (aka The Scheme)
We prepared our birthday messages for her, tweaked them a bit, to make them look as if they were from a 'secret admirer'. But not just any secret admirer. A jejemonish secret admirer!

Thanks to an online jejemon translator, I was able to translate our messages to jejemon lingo in no time.
I've cut out heart-shaped cardstock in various colors and pasted our messages on them and improvised balloon sticks as stems.
Whenever Emmy wasn't anywhere in sight, we planted hearts on her workstation. One at a time.

For the first couple of hearts we left in her workstation, it made her curious. She actually believed she must have a real secret admirer! But as the next few hearts came (there were 10 in all), she got a bit alarm. "This is not funny anymore!" she said. Whoever sent those heart messages must be a sick stalker, she told us. We were laughing among ourselves! :)

The following day (the day before her birthday), she was still clueless about the heart messages. Lunchtime came, and we surprised her with a birthday cake, thinking maybe the cake was a tell-tale sign that we were behind the jejemon hearts. But NO! She was still clueless until we admitted straight up we were her jejemon admirers! Haha!
Notice our wacky shots? Kinda like saying "Gotcha, Emmy!"
It was indeed one successful birthday surprise! We can tell she really enjoyed it! :)

Post Script:
Photos courtesy of Emmy :)

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