Monday, January 3, 2011

A Tale of Two Fridays

Friday # 1 – 8:05 am, Manila / 12:30 pm, Narita Japan

It was a slightly chilly Friday morning. It was our first trip as a married couple, and the very first long vacation I took since I started working.

The first leg of our 3-week journey started off with a 7-hour stopover at Narita, Japan. Even though we didn’t get the chance to explore the city, just the airport, we got to experience a little Japanese culture and the high technology they are known for.

Here’s sharing you bits and pieces of the seven hours in Japan. Those things, and a lot more, make me want to visit Japan soon!
Welcome to Japan!
Any tourist would always associate Japan to Sanrio. There was everything Hello Kitty and other Sanrio products in the airport.
Hello Kitty-shaped pastries

Hello Kitty cookies
Hello Kitty may not be the only thing Japanese locals are crazy about. Did you know that Japan has more than 80 flavors of KitKat? We were amazed by the KitKat flavors they have:

Sweet Potato KitKat

Soy Sauce KitKat

Wasabi Flavor KitKat
They even have Mango-flavored KitKats, Miso-flavored KitKats and Cherry Blossom-flavored KitKats.

So what's with all the KitKat craze? My cousin told me that coincidentally, the brand name KitKat sounds similar to the Japanese phrase "kitto katsu" which means good luck. So it then became a Japanese tradition to give KitKat bars to students taking an exam, as a small good luck token.

Hello Kitty...KitKat... What is it with Japan and their kitty cat craze, anyway? :)

We wanted to take photos with the locals, with the infamous Asian V-sign pose. Here are some of them:


After 7 fun-filled hours in Japan, it was time to leave for our next destination.

So long Japan... We had a great time, and we'll definitely visit you soon! :)

The plane ride en route to Honolulu wasn't all that good, thanks to a big man snoring sooo loudly throughout the whole flight.

Thank goodness for this breathtaking view of the horizon:

Friday # 2 – 8:05 am, Honolulu, Hawaii

Aloha! We arrived in Honolulu Friday, Nov 12. Same date and time when we left Manila (hence the title “A Tale of Two Fridays”)

Hawaii is just pure amazing. I will tell you more about our Hawaiian vacation (and more photos!) in my next post. For now, I need some rest.

3 Cove Beaches
 Mahalo! :)

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